Real Estate Sales Representative/Sales Manager

Job Description
If you are looking for a flexible job with room for long term growth and self-development, then this may very well be the one for you!
We are a small, family owned, real estate investment company looking for a person who loves helping people and has strong communication and self-motivation skills to work, first, as a sales representative, then as a sales manager. There is plenty of room to grow! You can pick your own hours and work from home. We sale our properties online so you will not need to travel to the properties. We want someone who is willing to commit to this long term. You do not need to have a realtorâ  s license.
This will be considered contract work, so you will not be our employee but rather our consultant.
This is a commission based job, so your compensation would be up to you. Please ask about this if we interview you. There is a ton of opportunity here! You will receive a fixed up front amount as well as a percentage of each sale. We want to structure it so that when we are successful, so are you.
There is also opportunity to start building passive income. We do many deals where people pay over years and years. When your sale properties this way, you would be entitled to a percentage of that, which means with each sale, you can build up a passive income stream that will come to you for years and years without additional work.
This will be considered contract work, so you will not be our employee but rather our consultant to begin with. This would most likely change as we grow. Because you will be our consultant rather than employee, we cannot provide you traditional benefits, however, we think that it is very important to maintain an honest, open, and respectful culture where success is shared and continual self-improvement is valued. For this reason, we are happy to purchase books, training, seminars, and other self-development resources for you. We want you to have a balanced and successful life, however you define that for yourself.
Please send your resume to admin@axisland.com. In the subject line, please type the following â  My Sales Resume â  I paid attention to your directionsâ  . Feel free to call or text Brenton for more information or to follow up on your resume submission: nine oh nine, eight zero one, 1799.
As a sales representative your primary duties would include:
â ¢ Answer client calls and emails
â ¢ Document and track leads
â ¢ Make follow-up calls and emails
â ¢ Create paperwork for sale close and collect signatures
â ¢ Notarize documents
â ¢ Attend occasional seminars and meetings
As a sales manager your primary duties would include:
â ¢ All the above tasks
â ¢ Create marketing materials / manage others in the creation of marketing materials
â ¢ Manage virtual assistants in generating leads
â ¢ Manage marketing channels
â ¢ Track inventory
The following Skills and Attributes are a must:
â ¢ Comfortable talking on the phone
â ¢ Self-motivated
â ¢ Comfortable communicating through email
â ¢ Friendly / Outgoing
â ¢ Has no problems learning new things or adapting to new technology
â ¢ Comfortable with smart phones, iPads, computers, using the internet, social media, etcâ Â
â ¢ Detail oriented
â ¢ Prior sales experience
â ¢ Good problem solving skills
â ¢ Honest
â ¢ Respectful
â ¢ Patient
â ¢ Good spelling and grammar
â ¢ Live in the Weber and Davis County area
The following skills and attributes would be a bonus:
â ¢ 5 years of sales experience
â ¢ Real Estate experience
â ¢ Certified Notary Public
â ¢ A home office or area where you could work and take calls
â ¢ Marketing experience

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.