Kitchen Aide

Assisted Living Assistant Cook Position Description
Under the general supervision of the Head Cook, the Assistant Cook assists other food service staff team members in serving the residents nutritious, good tasting and appealing meals and snacks. It is the Assistant Cook's responsibility to help in the preparation of these meals and snacks by methods that maintain high nutrient levels and that are sanitary. The Assistant Cook also helps to deliver meals to the appropriate rooms where meals will be served.
Essential Functions
1. The Assistant Cook will aide in the preparation of food in accordance with the Head Cook's instructions, menus and recipes.
2. They will assist with planning meals far enough ahead to minimize the need for food substitutions; when substitutions are necessary helps to serve food of equivalent nutritional value.
3. They assist in preparing meals and snacks in such a way that a minimum of nutrients are lost from foods, that ensure foods taste good and looks appealing, and that there are ample amounts of foods for the residents to have as many servings as they need.
4. The assistant cook helps to maintain established standards of sanitation, safety and food preparation and storage as set by the local and state health departments, including: storing foodstuffs and supplies in appropriate areas; washing dishes; cleaning refrigerators, stove, bins, cupboards and other kitchen equipment and utensils; and, sweeping and mopping kitchen floors.
5. The assistant cook substitutes for the Cook in her/his absence.
6. They will also, with the guidance of the contracted Nutritionist, help modify menus and recipes and prepare foods to meet the developmental needs of the residents and the medical and feeding needs of residents with disabilities or food allergies.
7. They help deliver foods from the kitchen to the appropriate rooms ready to be served as suitable for the resident's age and needs.
8. Also, they must assist with preparing and packing food for resident's day activities.
9. They must cooperate with and participate in nutrition education activities for staff, parents and residents. They must participate in all emergency drills and environmental safety activities. They will be required to attend and participate in grantee-sponsored trainings, center pre-service and in-service trainings, and other continuing education, career and professional development opportunities.
10. They must participate in the agency's self-evaluation process and grantee employee evaluations to be conducted.
11. They will be asked to participate in general staff meetings and other meetings and events planned by the grantee and delegate agency as requested. The assistant cook will perform other duties, as assigned.
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by a person in this position. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all duties that may be performed in such a position.
Must be able to lift 30+ pounds
Must be goal oriented
Must be punctual
Must be friendly and courteous
Must be a people person
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